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Let’s face it, while we should be giving up our alcoholic drinks on our quest to a more natural and healthy lifestyle, it’s probably not going to happen.  I am a Captain and Dr. Pepper girl myself, but the soda not only destroys my waistline, but it hurts my tummy as well.

I went on a long grocery store search to find the perfect mixer.  I wanted my drink to still have flavor and be enjoyable, but not have so much sugar in it!  I went to the juice aisle and… eesh… what they package as “healthy” these days is mind blowing.  A screwdriver sounded appealing, but look at how much sugar is in each serving!  29g per cup!  That’s almost as much as a soda!


I passed by the natural foods section and remembered how much I liked Vita Coco.  Compared to the other competitive brand of coconut water, it not only had the most flavors, but the least amount of sugar, about 15g per cup.


There are many that will endorse coconut water as this miracle electrolyte filled sports drink that can cure ailments, but I am simply using it as a lower calorie/sugar replacement for soda and juice.  It may be amazing for your health and hydration, but please remember that it does still have calories and sugar, so please drink in moderation 🙂


I decided to pick out the Peach and Mango flavored Vita Coco and grabbed the bottle of vodka that was on the best sale. I couldn’t find the top to my shmancy cocktail shaker, so I had to use a protein shaker cup instead.  They always come in so handy!



Handful of ice

2 oz Vodka

3 oz Vita Coco


Shake and pour.  Drink 😉



Another little tid-bit:  My kids also love the “juice box” version that Vita Coco makes!  I feel so much better about giving these to my kids over the sugary versions and they wouldn’t even know the difference.

vitacoco kids

I hope you enjoy this delicious cocktail!


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