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It may sound dramatic, but Tokyo Joe’s has saved me!  At least from going down the fast food rabbit hole.

Let me explain…

We recently bought a house about 15 miles from our current house and my life has been pure chaos ever since.  We overlapped living situations for a month because the new house is a fixer upper project that needed quite a bit of work before we could move in.  Since it was the start of the new school year we enrolled the boys next to the new house.  Obstacle #1- Tyton starts school at 8:05, Rush starts a different school (preschool) at 11:45.  Rush gets out an hour before Tyton as well.  I am CONSTANTLY driving!  I have been filling up my 360 mile tank every 2-3 days.  Obstacle #2- Wrestling season has started.  That means driving the opposite direction another 30 minutes to get to practice.  Why didn’t I just skip this month of practices?  I didn’t want Tyton to get behind.  He is a big boy and has to go up against older kids because of his size, and also if you haven’t been able to tell yet, physical activity is numero uno in this family.  Obstacle #3- to save money we (mainly me due to work schedules) are doing everything ourselves.  I have not worked this physically hard since I served for 14 hour shifts in high school.  Removing 2200 sq. ft. of tile and baseboards is not an easy task.

So onto the point… Tokyo Joe’s just happens to be very conveniently located a 1/2 mile from my new house; as well as Taco Bell, Subway, Filiberto’s and Jersey Mike’s.  :X  None of those other delicious places are the best options for a mostly paleo and clean diet.  Therefore Tokyo Joe’s has been my go-to place the last month.  They are reasonably priced, have a wide variety of options and best of all it’s delicious.  They also have every one of their meals’ nutrition information available so you can plug it into your myfitnesspal and still stay on track with your macros.  The cherry on the cake though is their Meal Plan Menu!  You can have them do your meal prep for you, with 30 different options and a 4 day shelf life.

Tokyo Joe's

Another delicious pro- they offer this amazing Stevi-yaki!  Teriyaki sauce made with stevia.  Also comes in spicy… yum!

During a time when I have been so busy and tired that showering is a major time consuming task, Tokyo Joe’s has saved me!  Not only did it keep me on track, but I lost 3 more pounds than I had intended.  I’m sure it was mostly due to all the physical exertion, but if I had been eating junk I doubt that would’ve happened.

Tokyo Joes

What do you think of my lunch table? LOL

*I am in no way affiliated with Tokyo Joe’s.  As usual, I am just sharing my experiences with hope to inspire others to live a healthy lifestyle 🙂


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