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Quitting Caffeine

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Have you ever looked at your daily caffeine habit and thought it might be getting out of control?  That’s where I’ve been lately.

I drink 2-3 large cups of bold roast each day as well as 2 scoops of pre-workout.  I realized the other morning that after my large cup of coffee and 2 scoops, I still had no energy.  Not a good sign!  I can’t just keep adding more pre-workout so I decided I needed to cut it out for a while.  Kick it completely out of my system so that my body can adjust to not having it anymore.

I don’t really want to do this.  I love my coffee and call it my cup of happiness- morning happiness, afternoon happiness, only 20 minutes of quiet time I can ever get in my life happiness… my kids don’t mess with mama during coffee time.  It makes my life complete.  Sometimes what’s best for us is not what we really want so I’m going to just shut up and do it. <- something I often say to myself when I don’t want to workout.

If you’re like most people and get caffeine headaches when you don’t have enough, it’s best to slowly ween yourself off of it.  I successfully kicked my habit in 1 week with just 1 mild headache towards the end.

The best way for you to slowly cut back is to first take 1/2 – 1 serving out at a time.  Don’t feel bad to dump half of something or save it in the fridge for later.

Here is an example of how I did it.

Typical day:  am coffee (sometimes 2 cups), pre-workout (2 scoops), afternoon coffee

  • Day 1- am coffee x1, 1 1/2 scoops pre workout, 1/2 cup afternoon coffee
  • Day 2- am coffee x1, 1 scoop pre workout, 1/2 cup afternoon coffee ***OMG I’m so tired!
  • Day 3- am coffee x1, 1 scoop pre workout
  • Day 4- am coffee x1, 1/2 cup afternoon coffee
  • Day 5- am coffee x1
  • Day 6- am coffee x1
  • Day 7- mild headache kicked in around 6pm, chugged a soda- not the best choice, but I had one leftover in my fridge from a party.
  • Day 8- NO MORE CAFFEINE and no headache!

Most noticeably I feel like I wake up more easily in the morning, which seems weird.  I also feel like I am not hitting those major tired lulls throughout the day.

1 week later:  I think quitting caffeine was exactly what my body needed!  I almost felt like I was getting depressed because I was just SO fatigued all the time.  My alarm would go off and I just couldn’t get out of bed, I felt like I could sleep forever.  I thought it was because I have a weird sleep schedule and regularly wake up at 4:30 OR 7:30, but now I am waking up before my alarm and I’m having no trouble falling asleep.  Before, I would lay in bed and watch tv or read for an hour or more because I just couldn’t fall asleep and would also wake up every couple of hours.  Now I sleep like a rock!  It’s amazing how much more energy I have without caffeine.  I guess I’ll stick to my decaf from now on 🙂  Oh yeah, did I mention before that I am still drinking decaf?  I’m not letting those precious 20 minutes of “me time” go down the tubes!

*Note:  I started this experiment the week before I found out I was pregnant, so now that I got the time to finish blogging it, I am in my first trimester and needed to have quit anyways!

Let me know how your journey of quitting caffeine goes!  Do you also feel like you have more energy?


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  1. katie

    January 25, 2017 at 6:37 am

    Oh man, do you remember how we use to go to the mall and get S’barros and giant Mt.Dews? Gross. Glad you are feeling so good!

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