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On our 10 year anniversary my husband and I ventured to Sedona for a much needed weekend away.  Our friends recommended wineries to check out, restaurants to try and trails to hike.  We started at a winery called Javelina Leap for a tasting, then Oak Creek Vineyards, and then finally settled on Page Springs Cellars.  We instantly fell in love and became members on the spot.

Every quarter the winery releases a set of wines and we can either have them shipped or pick them up during a certain time frame.  We elected to drive the 2 hours every 3 months and make it a little romantic getaway.  So for 24 hours we run away to Sedona and have a date night.



There are winery tours, yoga and massage, live music, horseshoes, wine tastings and appetizer-style foods that are worth straying from my typical nutrition plan.



This trip we discovered that there is a picnic area with a deck over the creek.  You can get a bottle of wine and order cold foods to-go and eat them down there.  SO romantic!



Not to get too off topic, but holy red!  Until I saw these pictures I didn’t realize how red my hair is in the sun.  It is dark brown any other time.  I’m debating how I feel about getting it redone like this.



Anyways, before heading down to the creek with our bottle of wine we went up to the main tasting building, where we got to eat our delicious dinner while watching the sunset.  You really can’t beat a Sedona sunset, those colors are not exaggerated!  That amazing gluten free pizza that I ordered was a fungi pizza with a pesto sauce and blend of goat and parmesan cheeses.  It paired perfectly with their GSPm.  I always thought that pairing food and wine couldn’t make a difference, but when you have people who know their stuff telling you what to drink it is life changing.


We love Sedona and we NEED our 24 hour mini-vacations.  With 2 kids and a business our schedules don’t allow us much time together, but we do what we can.  After only having dates at home for many years being members here ensures us a little time together kid and work free.

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