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I get asked quite often how I get everything done all the time.  Running a business, being a competitor, housewife and making sure my kid’s needs are 100% taken care of is sometimes overwhelming.  Sometimes I do feel like I am spread a bit thin, but I do find a way to make time for everything.  The key is doing my best to stay organized and not putting crazy pressure on myself.  I’ve talked before about how important having balance is to me, and there is no reason why we can’t have it all if it is a priority for us.

My health is a PRIORITY and so is my children’s.  As parents, we create our children’s habits.  If I raise my kids eating crappy food, that is what they will be accustomed to as teens and adults.  If I do not make exercise and learning a priority, it most likely won’t be for my children either.  We are role models.  I behave in the way I would like my children to mirror.  Example: I don’t have to tell my children to say please and thank you, I use my manners with them and in turn they just naturally have them.  So I try my best to set a good example.  Not to say they haven’t repeated a swear word or two before, or copied a little temper tantrum I may have thrown, but I will always at least try to give them my best!


As you can see I get up very early for work Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  My day seems jam packed, but really doing my chores and work at specific times allows a lot more free time with the boys.  I want everyone to know though that I am not some crazy strict time keeper.  This is just how the flow of my day typically works out.  If we aren’t done with our art project by 4, I don’t stop in the middle for my cup of coffee, we just rearrange our day a bit.  If I don’t have a lot of work to do that just means more time I can get down on the floor and play with my kids.  This schedule just shows that if you organize your day you probably can get everything done.

I have 3 opportunities throughout the day to get in some sort of a workout and that doesn’t include after the kids go to bed.  If I can’t make it into the gym I can still do a workout in the pool or at the park.  If there aren’t any other kids at the park for my kids to interact with, I’ll go play with them!  I like to slide, swing, climb and play games too.  If they are playing, I’ll go off to the side and do a quick little park workout.  At first I felt really silly and self conscious working out by myself in front of the other parents and then my husband reminded me that while the other moms are on their phones not making changes, I am!

As far as the chores are concerned, my house in clean, but not spotless, and that is good enough for me!  The boys have their own chores to do too.  Some days I don’t get it all done and I choose to cuddle with my husband on the couch instead of catching up on chores at night, I do what I feel I need more at the time.  I don’t ever have dirty laundry piled up, but it might be folded and left on the dryer for a couple days.  Balance.  I don’t worry about it.

I think we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, but what is perfect to me, may not be perfect for you.  I have had family members tell me that they would never want my life, and while it did hurt my feelings, the best and most honest reply I could give was “good, you shouldn’t want my life anyways, do what you need to do!”  Not everyone wants to have a competitor’s diet or training schedule, and not everyone wants to run from activity to activity with a jam packed schedule, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t make different choices to sneak in some exercise, make healthy meals, or be a little bit more involved in our children’s lives.  I hope this might help you get an idea of different times you could take advantage of!



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