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Memorial Weekend

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I am so thankful to all of our military men and women who have given their lives for our freedom.  These people are the true heroes of the world and that’s why I try to pay respect to them by living the best life that I can.  They gave their lives so that I can live mine.  When you really let that resonate, I think it makes you want to be more, give more, and lead a more meaningful life.  Every time I sit with this thought all I can ask myself is, what am I giving to this world?  Or what else can I do to give more?

I tried to talk to my kids about what this weekend means, but no matter how I tried to explain it they just gave me a blank look.  I ended with the notion that we need to always do our best and make the world a better place for everyone because some people can’t anymore.

Our weekend was pretty much the same everyday, you definitely can’t say we aren’t consistent.  It was full of lots of swimming!  We went out at least twice a day and Rush (2 1/2) swam without his swimmies!  He was so excited and proud of himself.  My pool boy/husband was pretty nice to look at as well 😉


The quad got a lot of use too.  While Tyton was rock climbing with his daddy, Rush went for a long ride.  We stopped at about every other house around 2 whole blocks so he could pick 1 flower off of every bush.  It was the longest walk of my life, but he had fun and was so excited to give me the beautiful flowers.  I like how they complimented my pretty new nail color!  I’m in love with this one, Splash of Grenadine from Essie!  A crazy pink/purple shade…

mem3      mem2

We (be we, I mean I) grilled every night this weekend as well.  I love the grill and after a lot of years of practice, I totally have it nailed down.  Here I am in all my glory!  My husband had to take pictures of me and I decided that even though I look like a hot mess I was going to post it anyways.  This is me.  This is what I look like when I don’t leave my house.  My hair is ridiculous, no make up, no bra, $3 WalMart tank, husband’s old underwear, bbq sauce on my boob.  Bam!  Gotta keep it real, I don’t care to look “perfect” all the time.

IMG_5727    IMG_5738

At night, we made fires in our awesome little portable pit.  I surprised my husband by lighting the ultimate fires each time.  He usually takes over fire duty and underestimated my skills from all the years of camping I did growing up in WI.  We made smores of coarse and I had 2 each night.  Worth EVERY calorie!


Then when I went to the grocery store, I stumbled upon sparklers!  HAD to buy them!  Look at how much fun my boys had with them.  Nothing makes my heart so happy as seeing these beautiful smiles and laughs and watching the way their eyes light up!  Innocence and wonder… amazing!  The look on my dad’s face is priceless too, grandpa thought he was going to end up with a sparkler in his eye!



We had a wonderful weekend and even though I still worked Monday morning, we shortened our day so Ryan got to stay home with us and we got to spend the afternoon and evening together.

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