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I just took a look around my blog and realized I have been awful about updating during this pregnancy.  I feel like there are a couple reasons, the main one being that my body hurts and I’ve been extra busy taking over our gym while my husband goes back to a “real job.”  But, no more excuses!  I am now on maternity leave, running the gym from home and I have SO many recipes that I want to get out there for everyone.

Today, I thought I would share the gorgeous maternity photos that my good friend and workout partner Bridget Levi took for me.  She really is so talented and always manages to perfectly capture my vision.

Even though it was 107 degrees, we decided to brave the heat and trek out to Saguaro Lake for our photo shoot.  We got there a bit early to make sure we didn’t miss the sunset and it ended up being the best decision ever!  We got in the water up to our knees to decide exactly where to shoot and that kept us cool when we did the land shots a few minutes later.

You can’t tell, but I’m wearing my old Vibram 5 finger shoes because they grip well and I had to make sure not to eat it on the slippery rocks.  It was the best choice ever because my feet were protected and they obviously stayed wet and kept me cool.  Bridget did a great job hiding them!

When the sun finally set enough we got in the water and Bridget got the most EPIC shots!

I’ve gotten asked quite a bit where I did my wardrobe changes, and the answer is… right behind some bushes LOL!  Luckily at that time of day there weren’t many people around and we did have some great cover.

EEEeeeee!  I just love how they turned out!  I feel so lucky because I wasn’t able to get maternity photos with my big boys, it definitely wasn’t in the budget.  Since this is FOR SURE our last, capturing this major life milestone means a lot to me.  It feels weird to know that I will never be “here” again.

How did she get this gorgeous shot?  She also sat/almost laid in the stinky water to capture the magic.  Talk about dedication!

It really did stink.  I brought my clothes and towels in the house and tossed them on floor so I could put the boys to bed and when I came back to wash them 10 minutes later, I was like “ho-ly fish!”  Just keepin’ it real.  It can’t actually be as magical as it looks LOL!


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