Lemon Ice Cubes, for Non-Alcoholic Cocktails!

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The title really says it all.  I make these easy-peasy ice cubes for my summer non-alcoholic cocktails.

We have a lot of get togethers with our friends and family during pool season and it seems like everyone around us enjoys their drinks.  Honestly, I do too, but as I have pointed out before they are a huge calorie suck and when I have a goal to reach I kick liquor right out of my diet.

It is hard when people are partying around you so I have come up with this simple drink because it makes me feel like I am drinking, when it’s still just water.

I juice about 6 lemons to fill up my ice cube trays, freeze, and then pop it into SPARKLING WATER!  That’s the secret, sparkling water.  You end up sipping it because of the sparkles and when you throw it in a shmancy glass, boom!


I hope this helps you kick your alcohol cravings this summer.  Every worthwhile goal requires some sacrifice.  Stick with it!



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