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Krazy Air, Science, Library and Baking

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30 Days of Summer continued… #2

We have had so much fun doing all of these family activities on our list!

Krazy Air


This place is AWESOME!  It is an indoor trampoline park that also has rock walls, foam pits, and American Ninja Warrior-like obstacles.  The kids had so much fun and really, I think Ryan and I might have enjoyed it even more than them!  We were the only adults playing along with the kids so I felt a bit silly, but at the same time I felt bad for them for sitting on the sidelines and not having as much fun as we were!  Trampoline dodge ball was awesome cardio too, it was a total win-win, the kids had fun and I got in a workout.

Science Experiment Day


We received this science kit as a gift and finally got a chance to break it open and play!  At first they seemed a bit disinterested since it was a lot of mixing colors to make other colors which they already have done a lot with paint and Crayola bath fizzy coloring tablets, but then we broke out the dropper and eye glass and it became extra exciting!  I love to look back through the pictures and really see all the wonder in their eyes.  I’m definitely going to get them another kit, maybe just one for a little bit older kids next time so we can make things fizz and explode! 🙂



We actually go to the library quite often, but putting it on our list was a reminder to sign up for the Summer Reading Program.  You read “x” amount of hours and can earn prizes.  I also got the summer schedule for story time.  The boys love to sit there with all the children and listen to  a story from someone other than me 🙂  They also have these touch screen computers that the kids love to play learning games on.  If I let them, we could sit there all day!  It’s nice to grab a book to read and just sit and let them do their thing.  My children usually aren’t the quietest, but in that setting they definitely mellow out.

Bake a Treat


We are going to call this one a Pinterest fail!  I found a recipe for paleo snicker doodles that had been passed around quite a bit so I was super excited to give it a try.  I measured out the ingredients and the boys had fun adding it to the bowl and stirring, and then making the balls for the cookies.  They came out flat as can be and reminded me of what I imagine birdseed would taste like.  I triple checked the recipe and I added all the ingredients correctly so I don’t know.  The kids still ate them so at least it wasn’t a complete waste!

Hope you all are having as awesome of a summer as we are!  Click here to see the original 30 Days of Summer Post!


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