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How to Set Goals – and Actually Achieve Them

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This before and after shows my body stretched out at its worst and 2 1/2 years later after A LOT of hard work.  The belly shot was about a week before I had my second son, 36 weeks pregnant.  I never had imagined I could have achieved the body I have today, but I set a goal and decided to try my best.  This post isn’t about my bikini experience though, you can read that here.  I just want to show you all how I lay out my goals to hopefully inspire you to take a risk and put it out there yourself.  Write it down, say it out loud and get to work 🙂

I truly believe that creating a large goal, one that excites you and scares you a little bit at the same time, is the key to keeping life interesting and moving forward.  I find that when I don’t have a big goal, I am much more prone to making poor decisions because I don’t have a reason to stay accountable.  I get bored and sometimes even depressed when I don’t feel like I have something large and crazy to work towards.  At one point it was bikini competitions and now it’s this blog.  Putting myself out there scares me, and I love it!  So what have you always wanted to do?  What scares/ excites you!?

Really large goals can seem daunting though, and because they are so big it is easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged.  It is then even easier to just quit.  So come up with your goal, but first make sure that it is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound).

Specific:  What EXACTLY you want to accomplish, no ambiguous language.

Measurable:  Will you be able to recognize when this goal has been met?

Attainable:  Is it reasonable enough to be accomplished?

Relevant:  Can you accomplish this goal with your current responsibilities?

Time-Bound:  Come up with a realistic time frame to accomplish this goal.


FFM goal setting


How to break down your goal:

1.  I like to take a really large goal and break it into a 3 month goal.  Then break that into a monthly goal, and then weekly goals.

Ex: if in a year I want to run a marathon, but I can’t even get off of my couch, I would break that into smaller goals, probably starting with running a 5k (3 miles) in 3 months.  Each month I would want to run a mile more than my previous month (Month 1 = 1 mile, etc.).  My weekly goal might then be to run 3 to 4 days a week.

2.  You need to know why this goal is important to you.  Is this something you have always dreamed of doing, but never had the time or resources?  Is this something you need to improve your quality of life?

3.  What will happen when you achieve this goal?  Will you feel accomplished?  Will you achieve financial freedom?  Will you be healthy?

4.  You will experience obstacles, maybe even a lot of them, the key is to be prepared!  So think of some inevitable things that will pop up and make it hard for you.  THEN think of a solution.  When confronted with the obstacle, you won’t even have to think about how to overcome it.  No excuses are left!

Ex:  (sticking with the marathon/5k goal)  Obstacle 1:  Something pops up right during the time you were expecting to run.  Solution:  Schedule 2 separate “appointments” each day to run.  If you miss one then you always have another.

Obstacle 2:  Your kids are sick and you can’t make it to the gym daycare.  Solution:  Invest in a jogging stroller.  If this is important to you and you really plan to stick with it, it is worth it.  Chances are that there will be MANY times that you can’t make it to the gym.  Craigslist is wonderful if it isn’t in your budget to buy a new one.

Obstacle 3:  You are REALLY hungry and don’t have time for a meal.  Solution:  Keep snacks in your bag.  I ALWAYS have packets of almond butter and some sort of natural bar in my purse for such emergencies.  Another solution is to meal prep so there is always something fresh and cooked in your refrigerator.

5.  What are a few steps you will need to accomplish to achieve this goal?  What needs to happen in which order?

Ex:  If I want to run a 5k, I will need to pick a race and set my date.  Then buy some running shoes and create a running schedule.  I will also need to make sure my nutrition is on point so I am properly fueled.

6. No goal will be achieved without some sort of sacrifice.  It is important to realize these sacrifices ahead of time so you can make sure this goal is worth accomplishing, and so you aren’t surprised when issues arise.

Ex:  If I want to start running I am going to have to sacrifice poor food habits, I’ll be sore and tired, I won’t be able to party with friends as much, I’ll have to stick to a more strict schedule to make sure I get my runs in, etc.

7.  An accountability partner is there to keep you motivated and obviously, hold you accountable to your goal.  This person is usually someone who has already accomplished many goals on their own and will take your goals seriously as well.  It is also beneficial to have somebody that has the same goal as you, so you can celebrate milestones together and keep each other on track.  If you don’t have anybody there are coaches you can hire!

With my bikini competitions, I used my husband and 2 friends/training partners to help me.  The girls and I would call each other when we were having a bad day or my husband would push me in the gym when I was tired and having a hard time getting into it.


I hope that this helps you reach the goals you have always wanted to accomplish!  I would love to hear what goals you are ready to get started on!  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me 🙂



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