Healthy Tuna BLT

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Ok, so I lied, there is no lettuce in this recipe, but I didn’t think anyone would know what a B.A.T. was (A for avocado).

Saying that I LOVE sandwiches would be an understatement.  All kinds of sandwiches!  It is my favorite food, my comfort food and even when I went out to the shmanciest steak house in town, I ordered a prime rib sandwich instead of a more normal meal.  And it was awesome.

Unfortunately, not only will sandwiches pack on the pounds, but the bread and cheese make my tummy hurt so I come up with as many substitutions as I can to make it work within my daily meal plan.  This time I had a hankerin for tuna so I very quickly threw this delicious lunch together!


1 can albacore solid white tuna

1 slice butcher bacon, chopped (turkey bacon, if needed)

1 tomato, sliced thickly

1/2 avocado

1 green onion, sliced thin

salt & pepper to taste


Cook the bacon, let cool and chop.  Mix tuna, avocado, green onion, and salt & pepper together.  Making the tuna balls by hand really helped mix that avocado in there and keep it from being flaky.  Put on top of sliced tomatoes.  Bam!

Easy and delicious!



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