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Does anybody else ever get hangry (hungry/angry) while shopping?  I was in Target today, my 3 year old was being crazy, and all of a sudden I was starving!  Of coarse I didn’t notice I needed food at first; it wasn’t until I realized I was irrationally losing my cool that I knew I needed food fast. I walked over to the register to grab some beef jerky and there was nothing… nothing but candy!  The best choice would have been Peanut M&Ms.  Lucky for me I am always prepared!

So here’s my trick, I always have several of these single serving packets of peanut or almond butter in my purse so that I don’t have to just quickly grab something that’s not healthy.  I squeeze that bad boy straight into my mouth and it balances me right back out until I can get a real meal in me!  They never go bad and they don’t take up much space, even in the smallest purse.

My favorite is this Barney Butter, Cocoa and Coconut almond butter!  I get them from Sprouts, but you can also order them in bulk from Amazon.  There are so many flavors and brands though, so experiment and find your favorite and never go hangry again 🙂


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