Grilled Shrimp Prep Meal

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Another easy prep meal that is just SO much better than your basic tilapia.  This is a fun meal because you can season it with just about anything based on your cravings.  One of my favorite ways to cook it is with juice of one lemon, 1 T EVOO, dash of lemon pepper and salt.  This time I opted for a spicier version!

This makes 3 servings for me, but may change based on your diet plan.  I know a lot of people like 4 oz. servings of their protein, but looking at 4 oz. makes me sad, so I always divide 1 lb into 3 portions.


1 lb shrimp

2 zucchini

1 lg. sweet potato


pinch of red pepper flakes, jalapeno powder, sea salt & pepper



Thaw 1 lb. of shrimp if necessary, peel and de-vein.  Cut a zucchini in half and then in quarters lengthwise.

Mix in with 1 T EVOO and spices.  Marinate while you cut up sweet potatoes and then skewer.  Zucchini can go right on the grill.

Grill on low (350) for about 4 minutes each side or until shrimp is thoroughly cooked.  Zucchini should be done at that time as well.



Peel sweet potato and cut into slices.  Cover a cookie sheet with tin foil (my secret for reducing messes) and mix sweet potato with 1 T EVOO.  Season with sea salt & pepper.

Cook at 425 degrees for 30 minutes, turning them over halfway through.


Portion and enjoy!



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