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Gender Reveal

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I had so many great ideas for our big and final gender reveal!  When I was pregnant with my other 2 boys I couldn’t afford to do something cool with a photographer, so I wanted this to be awesome!  I decided that we would all sit on some stairs in a trendy area, with huge cotton candy and twirly suckers in the appropriate color, but when it came to the big day, shit hit the fan!  Hard!

I bought this super cute dress the day before (pictured), but when I tried it on I was wearing spandex shorts and didn’t notice that my butt was hanging out.  It wasn’t visible from the mirror, but when I put it on the next morning for pictures I could feel that it was just barely scraping the bottom of my cheeks.  I immediately became frazzled and the rest of the morning went down the tubes.  Let’s add that my hair wasn’t cooperating and my eye was being all winky for some reason and just wasn’t the same size as the other one today.  WHYYY TODAYYY?

To add to my booty show, I stupidly decided to wait until the morning of to go to the candy store.  Really, it was because the boys didn’t know the gender and we were going to surprise them there when they went to pick out their color coordinated candy.  IT WAS CLOSED!  I thought Sunday would be a lucrative candy selling day as parents have that day off to take their kids… apparently I’m alone in thinking that.  So now my butt is hanging out, Rush lost his shorts that matched Tyton’s so he’s wearing something other than planned, AND I have no giant candy.

It took everything I had to not cry.  Everything!  I improvised and we went to the closest Party City and got some balloons.  We were now running late to the photo shoot, I was in heavy construction and hit every damn red light the way there.  I was just done at that point.  Bridget (my wonderful photographer) was so patient and got some great shots even though I couldn’t shake my mood and was still on the verge of tears.  She always gets the kids to ham up for her and after seeing some of the great shots she was getting, we decided then that we would just let the boys be in the announcement.

All I can see is my winky eye.  Notice there are no pictures of my booty hanging out LOL!

My crazy husband can always make me laugh!  I’m so lucky to have him break me out of my often too-serious moods.  He loves me even though I’m a major control freak <3

My little Rush has such a ‘tude.  Don’t know where he gets it from.

Ding ding ding!  And we have a winner!  My crazies made the perfect Gender Reveal picture!  Baby #3 is going to be another BOY if you couldn’t tell by the blue balloons.

Thank you Bridget Levi for helping us create another wonderful family memory!

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