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Gender Prediction Accuracy

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I think it’s fun to test out those old wives’ tales that “predict” whether you will be having a boy or a girl!  I did it with both of my boys, mainly because it’s an interesting way to pass that horrendously long time it takes to find out for sure.  Throughout all 3 of my pregnancies I have tracked my gender prediction results from 16 of the most commonly heard old wives’ tales.

  1. Ring swings.  Hold a ring on a string or necklace over your belly.  If it swings back and forth, its a boy, if it swings in circles it’s a girl.
  2. Headaches.  More= boy  Less =girl
  3. Chinese Gender Prediction.  This is based off of a chart
  4. Mayan Gender Prediction.  Based off of a chart.
  5. Baking soda test.  Put 1 Tbsp. of baking soda in a dixie cup and pee in it.  Fizzy=boy, Flat=girl
  6. Dreams.  Have you had dreams of a boy or girl?
  7. Morning sickness.  Yes=girl, no=boy
  8. Cravings.  Sweet=girl, Salty/Sour=boy
  9. Mood.  Happy=boy, crabby=girl
  10. Sleeping on.  Right side=girl, left side=boy
  11. Hands.  Soft=girl, dry=boy
  12. Beauty.  Skin glowing=boy, stolen beauty=girl
  13. Baby’s heartbeat.  >140=girl, <140=boy
  14. Carrying baby. High=girl, Low=boy
  15. Age + Conception.  Mother’s age at time of conception + month conceived – even=boy, odd=girl
  16. Leg Hair Growth.  Slower=girl, Faster=boy

Here are the results for baby #3!

OBVIOUSLY, I’m having a girl!  WRONG!  It’s a 3rd boy <3

I never compared my first and second pregnancy prediction results to see if there were any similarities, so I thought it would be fun to compare all 3 this time!  What better way to test their “accuracy” than to see which tests were correct all 3 times?  I even made a fun little chart to see the results more clearly.  Yeah, I have a little bit of free time on my hands since the first trimester is draining all my energy to be productive around the house lol

As you can see, not a single one of these were accurate for all 3 of my pregnancies.  I guess the Old Wives’ Tales are just that – tales.  The only thing I wish I would’ve tried was those pee on some sort of chemical, gender prediction kits that you could get from Walgreen’s back in the day (Intelligender?).  It was like $30, 8 years ago and back then I definitely couldn’t afford that.  I wonder if they still make those?

What results did you get with your gender prediction testing?  Did any of you have the same results for multiple pregnancies that were correct?  Even though they were almost all wrong, I had fun with it and would do it again with another pregnancy 🙂





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