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Christmas 2015 – Family Paint Fight

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This year has been very chaotic for us, so I decided that this paint fight photo shoot would be appropriate for our Christmas cards.  I saw this on Pinterest years ago and was just waiting for my boys to be old enough to do it!

We didn’t tell the boys that we were going to have a paint fight, we just got them dressed, gathered our supplies and walked over to our photo shoot sight, which is a retention basin in our neighborhood.  I told the boys that they were going to show Miss Bridget (our amazing photographer, Bridget Levi) how to paint a picture and she was going to take pictures of it.  Ryan and I showed them how to squirt the paint on the canvas and after they had a few tries we pretended to squirt them on accident and then yelled “PAINT FIGHT!!!!”

We ran around like crazy until the paint was gone only a couple minutes later.  You can tell my husband is pretty stealthy because he has practically no paint on him… I did manage to get a little in his ear though 😉  I got an eye full, so while I was extremely uncomfortable having my eyelashes full of paint, it was cool because I look like I’m out of a Mad Max movie

We had a blast and the kids couldn’t stop talking about how much fun they had.  Thank you Bridget for capturing this special moment with my family!


Clear ketchup squeeze bottles – Large from WalMart, Small from Hobby Lobby

Easel, Paint and Canvas- Hobby Lobby

White Shirts- Target

Blue Headband- Target

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