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End of Soccer Season

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The last game of the season came so quickly and Arizona decided to be 100 degrees at 9am.  The poor kids were running their little hearts out, but it was so hot and the sun was so strong!  The parents were trying everything we could to cool them down, mostly pouring water on them.  For ourselves we tried to block some of the sun any way we could, one mom even clipped a dish size towel around her head.  Serves me right for not ponying up the cash for one of those big sun shades.  Next season!  I learned my lesson!

At the end of the season I always get a super cute picture of him with his medal, but it was just not happening after that crazy game.  Look at these poor faces!  So red!  In every picture Tyton had his eyes closed, but I couldn’t tell at the field because it was so bright that I couldn’t see my camera screen.



The real fail of the day came when it was time to make the cupcakes for the end of season party.  My oven broke.  Wouldn’t heat up.  Whhhhhyyyyyyy?  I ran to the grocery store where they charged me $16 for 24 un-decorated cupcakes.  What!?  For real?

I had searched pinterest forever to find this perfect soccer ball cupcake cake and I had planned for it to be amazing.  Little did I know, my cake decorating skills aren’t so amazing.



It kind of looks like a soccer ball, right?  It’s not a total fail, but the frosting looks so thick and goopy, not very smooth.

I was getting a little defeated until my kids saw it and went crazy over it!  Tyton even said “thank you so much for making me and my friends the coolest cake ever!”  Just goes to show that sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect and our kids already think we are awesome!

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