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Early Pregnancy Symptoms

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The signs are all there, but sometimes they are so subtle that you start to think, maybe I’m just sick or maybe my period is going to start a little early.  This is my 4th pregnancy in the last 7 years (1 resulted in miscarriage) and lets just say that I KNEW before I even took the test, and I found out about all of them before my missed period.  Whether they were planned or not, no matter how many months we had been trying and hoping and receiving a lot of negative tests, I knew deep down when the positives were going to happen before I even peed on that stick.  It was this out-of-nowhere anxiety that came as soon as I bought the test.

Even though everybody has different early pregnancy symptoms, I thought I would share mine, as well as other common ones because while you are in that two week wait, sometimes it makes you feel better to try and symptom spot… or it might make you crazier! lol

Pregnancy 1:  I was 21 and had no symptoms that I could tell except I was unusually tired.  Deep down I just knew and then received that positive test a day before my missed period.  I may have not noticed any symptoms because it was completely unexpected, or because I had finals and was pre-occupied, or maybe even because I just didn’t know my body as well then.  I had no pregnancy symptoms though at all, and this one ended in miscarriage pretty early on.

Pregnancy 2:  My dog started to act really weird around me.  She would not leave me alone and had to be next to me at all times.  At the time I thought she was just mad at me for being at school and work so much, but after I found out I was pregnant it kind of all made sense.  She was like glue until I had the baby.   My other symptoms felt just like PMS except my nipples were tender and I was exhausted.  The exhaustion led me to test… crazy part, I found out almost exactly 1 year after I found out the previous time.  The due dates were only 3 days apart!  This one stuck 🙂

Pregnancy 3:  We were trying for a couple months so I was already testing like crazy.  I noticed that like my previous pregnancy, my nipples were sensitive in the shower and I was abnormally tired.  I was going to wait til Christmas day to test, but figured there would be drinking Christmas Eve and I just KNEW deep down I was pregnant, so I tested positive early Christmas Eve, about 5 days before my missed period.

Pregnancy 4:  I just found out 2 days ago so this is definitely still fresh in my mind!  I tested 10 dpo (4 days before expected period) with a very faint positive on a FRER.  I got excited, but that wasn’t good enough for me so the next morning I got a Clearblue digital and got a big fat PREGNANT.  Something about seeing it digitally makes it feel so much more official.  So, I’m going to be as transparent as I can be with this, even if it makes me a bit uncomfortable with some TMI.  I didn’t think I would get pregnant because we tried for months with no luck.  I had an ovarian cyst that ruptured about 6 months ago and have been cramping non-stop since.  I have had many cysts and fibroids as well as endo since I was 17, and the doctors said I would never get pregnant at all, so I assumed I was just lucky to get my 2 boys.  This time though I had some very odd and strong symptoms that led me to test.  It started on Thursday when I took my shower and the water was like glass on my nipples, it made me remember my other early pregnancy symptoms, but I just put it out of my head.  The next morning I went to work at 4:30 and was starving, which was weird because I hate to eat in the morning, I just never have a desire.  My hips and back were aching so bad that stretching hurt, but I thought maybe it was because I had a hard workout and went to the chiropractor the day before.  I had a protein shake and felt like I was going to throw up afterwards and then got super cold.  Shivering and all.  This had been happening at night the previous couple of days so I thought it was weird it happened so early.  I had to go to the grocery store and once I got there I just had this feeling to get a test.  I didn’t think much about it until I got in the car and had the panic set in.  The same panic that I felt with all of my other positive tests, like my subconscious already knew.  Ugh, and for the sake of transparency as I previously mentioned, I got a huge ridiculous hemorrhoid that day.  The last time I had one was my last pregnancy.  Kind of sealed the deal as far as pregnancy symptoms.

My symptoms leading up until my missed period:

  • sensitive nipples/ sore breasts
  • cramping
  • starving
  • hemorrhoid
  • hips and back aching
  • nausea
  • mild headache
  • no energy/ extremely tired
  • feeling dehydrated
  • super smell

Other common early pregnancy symptoms:

  • bloating
  • light implantation bleeding/ spotting
  • frequent urination
  • food aversions
  • mood swings
  • shortness of breath
  • constipation
  • elevated basal body temperature
  • dizziness

-Because of the issues that I have, I’ve tracked my period on a period app for years. I know FOR SURE what day I started and ended my last period, and I know when conception occurred.

Did you have an early symptom that is not on my list?  Let me know so I can add it!


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