Animals, Picnic & Splash Pad Fun!

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Since it is a pretty cool year weather-wise for May in Arizona, we decided to take one last trip to the zoo before the heat sets in.  I worked/worked out until 9, hit the grocery store so I could grab food for lunches, went home and ran my booty off to get the boys dressed, change my own clothes, pack the car, make lunch and be on the road by 9:45!  Not sure yet how I managed all that in 45 minutes, I must’ve still been on a rush from my pre workout.

We have been members at the Phoenix Zoo for about 4 years now and it is the best investment I could make.  They have really done a lot to this zoo in the past few years, you can especially tell that they reinvest a lot into making this place extra beautiful and educational.  For being in the desert, there is so much green there, it is so pretty just walking around and looking at the foliage.


They have also incorporated a lot of fun architecture there.  The kids weren’t really supposed to climb on some of it, but they just can’t help themselves.


Harmony Farms is where the petting zoo is located, as well as a food area and playground with plenty of picnic benches covered by umbrellas.  The kids had to get their time in with the goats, it is definitely the most looked forward to part of our trip.


We usually stop at the playground to eat our lunches and play for a while.  I try to always bring our lunches, not only to save money, but because then I know what they eat is all natural and healthy.  For this trip I made ham & cheese roll-ups with veggie cheese, sliced cucumbers, chunks of cantaloupe and Terra sweets and beets chips.  They brought their cute little Camelback water bottles for water, but also each had a Honest Kids pink lemonade juice pouch.  Usually I make them individual lunches, but I didn’t have my stuff together well enough to make that happen this time.  I actually liked using the big bowls, it was like a free for all buffet style lunch.



I love that they offer these maps with the pictures on them, the boys loved to sit and figure out where we were and where we should go next!



There was a lot to see on this trip, we were there for over 3 hours which is a record for us.  Usually we don’t make it much longer than an hour.  They walked/ran almost the entire time and didn’t get into the wagon until the end (lifesaver btw for kids too big for strollers, but too young to walk all the time).  Another sign of how much they are growing up!


The whole plan from the beginning was to end the trip at the splash pad figuring that they would need to cool down by then. I got smart this time and had them go in their swim suits because they usually run in in their regular clothes and then get my car all wet and have to walk around in wet clothes that chafe.  I even planned well enough to bring their regular dry clothes too 🙂  I usually forget those things when I’m running around last minute… like I forgot the towels this trip.


As we were leaving we noticed that we had almost missed the giraffes and all 5 of them were right by the observation deck!  The kids were so excited to see them so close and Rush said they were his favorite part of the trip.



Hopefully you have as much fun at the zoo as we do!  It is truly one of our favorite places to go.  I definitely think a membership is well worth it, it is cost-effective if you go at least twice and it goes to a wonderful cause 🙂



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