Almond Butter Chicken

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Almond butter with chicken?  That’s right!  It reminds me of a Thai peanut sauce.  So easy to put together and much better than plain chicken and broccoli.

This makes 3 servings for me going off of my nutrition plan as this is typically made for my weekly meal prep.  Multiply as necessary and add brown rice if you desire.  At this particular time, with a specific goal in mind, I am eating 1/2 cup with this meal for lunch.

1 lb Chicken
Head of broccoli
1 red bell pepper
1 T. Garlic (I use pre diced in a jar )
1 T. Soy sauce (La Choy is naturally gluten free and has a low sodium option)
2 T. Almond butter
Dash of red pepper flakes


Chop broccoli and steam. Cook rice according to packaged directions.  In a large pan add chicken, garlic, bell pepper, pepper flakes and soy sauce. When chicken is thoroughly cooked, add almond butter and cooked broccoli. Mix and portion.

Seriously, it is that easy!

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