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30 Days of Summer

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It is easy to get stuck in a summer rut when it is so hot every day and you have a pool, so the boys and I came up with a list of 30 things they wanted to do while Tyton is on summer vacation.  Half of the list are things to do out of the house and half are home projects.  They gave me ideas and I threw out others that I got from a “things to do with kids in Phoenix” Google search and we narrowed it down to our favorites.  As I made this checklist on a half size poster board, the boys went to town with the garage sale stickers on their paper.  As you can see they got a little crazy and some of the highlighter drawing spilled over to my board.

IMG_5922         IMG_5890


We had a rainy weekend which is unusual for this time of year and I also wasn’t feeling good so we chose to start with our MOVIE MARATHON.

soccersedona8  IMG_5918     IMG_5919

We went to the Redbox and the boys chose Boxtrolls and The Book of Life.  Their attention spans do not allow for a true movie marathon so in the morning we watched The Boxtrolls and in the evening we set up the blankets in their loft, popped some popcorn and turned off the lights for The Book of Life.  Grandpa and Taylor (dog) came and cuddled with us too!  They thought it was so awesome that they got to sleep on the floor instead of in their beds.  Crazy kids, I was very excited to get into my comfy bed once they fell asleep!

When the rain let up and things dried out a bit, we broke out the BUBBLES AND CHALK.


Rush was so happy to figure out how to not touch his lips to the bubble wand and actually blow lots of bubbles and I taught Tyton how to play tic tac toe.  It was neat to see him pick up the “strategy” of the game and he was so excited to challenge his dad to a game when he got home from work.

Because it was still rainy and we were trapped inside, I had the boys go through my Pinterest boards and pick out an ART PROJECT.


They found this dream catcher from Red Ted Art.  I had most of the supplies so we got to work with what we had.  Aside from poking the holes and helping thread things along at some points the boys made these all by themselves.  I love to see them problem solve and get creative!  They were getting irritated threading the beads on the not so awesome string I had, so they only wanted one strand for the feathers.  I thought it was adorable when Tyton explained that he chose these because his daddy was having bad dreams and he wanted him to sleep good again.  My husband was bitten by a scorpion in our bed not too long ago and has been paranoid ever since, so I thought this was a wonderful gesture.  I think he was touched to have received a gift made with so much thought and love.

I love summer vacation and having my kids home with me all the time to do all of these fun adventures!  I am excited for all of the fun times we will have completing this checklist and I hope I’ve inspired you to come up with your own fun list of things to do with your kiddos this summer!



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